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Initial Contact

The opportunity to meet is an exciting one and starts from the very first email! Introduce yourself while letting me know the day, time, duration, and location you would like to book. Any additional details you would like me to know about yourself and what you'd like to experience should be included as well!

*Any messages that are rude, lewd, or spam-like will be ignored.



Please be ready to provide screening information immediately including your photo ID, employment information, and verification handles. References can be added to your screening submission, please inform your provider that I will be contacting them. I will outline everything I require in my first response. 

*Screening is non-negotiable


I am available daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM with a notice of 24 hours or more. Booking outside of these hours will require an additional $100 added to the rate. My preferred time of day to meet is in the afternoon and evenings and future bookings are accepted up to six months in advance.


Please have the cash-only rate ready in an open and unmarked envelope located in the restroom and ask me if I would like to freshen up. DO NOT hand the cash to me and DO NOT discuss services. I ask that you familiarize yourself with my rates and what is owed beforehand. If you would like to extend the date in person, simply ask if my schedule allows this and make the rate change on your own.

Drink, Snack, and Meal Preferences

For those who would love to provide it, I enjoy Cabernet Sauvignon and/or a tray of meats, fruits, and cheese. If booking a shorter duration, simply water or a bottle of Barefoot Moscato is more than enough to treat me. When deciding where to go to enjoy a fine meal, I enjoy steakhouses most of all with Korean BBQ, Thai, and Italian as additional options.

*In-room dining is always an option for those who prefer to stay in.


Before our date, please be freshly showered and groomed. I will do the same! Typically, I choose dresses with short heels or sandals when arriving. If you would like me to dress more comfortably or discreetly upon meeting, I am happy to do so.


Please read my CANCELLATIONS page for details.

Reviewing and Referrals

If you would like to write about our wonderful time together, I prefer PrivateDelights. Please keep your review clean! For those who would like to use me as a reference after our date, let me know that you are doing so. For me to consider providing one, our most recent date must not be older than 12 months.

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