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Are you verified? 

Yes, I am verified on Preferred411

Do you have reviews? 

Yes, and

Note if you are considering writing a review of our time together, please use PrivateDelights and keep it clean!

Can I see photos of you that aren't blurred? 

Yes, once you have completed my screening and made an official booking I will provide access to a set of candid photos of myself that are not blurred. Additionally, I have professional modeling and amateur home galleries for purchase. Follow this link for details ACCESS.

What is your availability? 

I am available daily from 10AM to 10PM with a preference to meet in the afternoon and evenings. If you must book outside of my schedule, an additional fee will be required. Sundays I prefer to have off for friends and family, thank you for understanding.


How far in advance can I book you? 

I prefer advance bookings and accept them up to 6 months out. 

Where should I leave the payment? 

In an unmarked and open envelope in the bathroom. Never hand the cash over directly, ask me instead to freshen up in the restroom. Also, please refrain from discussing rates and services. Visit my GUIDELINES page for more information.

I need to cancel the booking, how does that work?

Let me know as soon as possible! Read more here CANCELLATIONS.

Can you be discreet?

Absolutely, I can dress down and meet in discreet locations or anything else requested of me to make you feel more comfortable. Please indicate your needs before getting together so that I am aware and ready to accommodate them.

Can I make a wardrobe request?

Yes, I love dressing up and even modeling outfits! If you'd be interested in buying me clothing/lingerie to model for you, whether in person or over photos, visit my SPOIL ME page.

Can you bring a friend? 

I would love to! Bringing in other providers to our fun is always a great way to spice things up, check out my FRIENDS page here.

How can I show my appreciation? 

Writing a review of our time or purchasing a gift from my wishlist are both wonderful ways to make me feel special. Ultimately, I will appreciate any act of kindness with the intention to make me smile!

Thank you for reading, if you still have unanswered questions please email me directly.

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