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Are you verified? Yes, I am verified on Preferred411 and here is the link to my profile - 

How do I gain access to your nonblurred photos? Follow this link to my Gallery Access page for details.

Are you tatted and/or pierced? I have two small tattoos that often go unnoticed and my ears are pierced.

Are you available for couples? I don't offer entertainment for couples but I have multiple friends who do and will happily provide a recommendation.

How far in advance can I book you? As far as 6 months in advance.

Are you able to be discreet? I take your discretional needs seriously and will work with you to make it happen in whatever way you feel comfortable. 

Can I make a wardrobe request? Absolutely! I love dressing up and even modeling outfits.

Can you bring a friend? Yes! I love bringing friends, check out my duo's page here.

I need to cancel/reschedule, how does that work? Check out my cancellations page here.

Where should I leave the payment? In an unmarked and open envelope in the bathroom. Do NOT mention it, please instead ask me to freshen up in the bathroom.

How can I show my appreciation? Writing a review of our time or purchasing a gift off my Gift Me page 

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