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Initial introductions 

Email is my preferred method of contact, please be respectful and professional.

My private cell number will be provided after the screening, I prefer to ONLY use this number immediately before, during, and immediately after our date. 

Payments are accepted as cash while deposits and other small amounts are accepted via CashApp or gift card. In-person, please refrain from mentioning the rates as it tends to bring down the overall enjoyment.

Extending the date in person is always a possibility. Ask me if my schedule allows for more time together then make the additional rate change on your own. Refer to this website if you need to know the new amount due!

Future Contact

Reviews & Referrals


Hygiene & Preparation

Heavy alcohol and any drug use during our time together are unacceptable and will lead to an immediate end to the date. Alcohol should only be used as a social enhancer 

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